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On how many ice cubes …

I was at a stay and play session this morning. I must have gotten there too early, as at the beginning there were only 2 mums (and babies) there. So I got caught in the middle of the age old weaning conversation between the mum of a 5 1/2 month old and the mum of a 6 month old. The first mum was very concerned as her daughter had been eating a whole ice cube for the past week for every meal. And this morning she didn’t eat so much as a teaspoon. Mum number 2 gave a fascinating expose about the timing of meals and how to fit naps and milk around that. Apparently I’m failing as a mum because I don’t give lunch on the dot of 12.00. Well sometimes I might. Or it might be the dot of 1.00. Or the dot of 1.27. Well, you get the picture.

Mum number 1 was also saying that she didn’t know how much to feed her daughter. Apparently her health visitor said to feed as much as she would eat. Sounds sensible to me. But mum wasn’t happy with that. She wanted a breakdown of how many teaspoons, how many icecubes.

Sometimes the only way I know how much the Imp has actually eaten is by the contents of the next day’s nappies. Sometimes I’ve thought that he ate something in it’s entirety, only to find it hidden in a groove in the highchair or pram when cleaning up later. I do have those moments of maybe-if-my-baby-ate-my-solids-he-would-sleep-through-the-night but then I slap myself back to reality.

I like to watch the Imp playing with his food, exploring the textures and consistencies. And sometimes he even eats those things with their fabulous textures and consistencies, but the exploration is just as important as the eating – I try not to lose sight of that.

Like they say, until they’re one, it’s just for fun. What happens after they’re one is I suppose, anyone’s guess.


September 10, 2007 at 5:39 pm 4 comments

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